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Why You Need an Underwater Camera For Your Next Vacation!

Updated: May 15, 2019

I have a confession to make, I am the worst photographer. Well, maybe not when it comes to actually taking pictures, I'm talking about REMEMBERING to take a picture! Yes, I am that mother who's 1st child has boxes and boxes of photos, and now my 3rd is lucky to have a folder of about 100 pics of her childhood. I'm more about making memories than preserving them (yeah right!).

So what has changed, you ask? Well, it all happened when I started my blog, I actually had to take pics for my posts. My phone camera was good, but a major pain in the butt, plus it was not waterproof. Packing my phone for the beach and close to the water was an accident waiting to happen! So I finally I decided it was time for me to purchase a camera.

I did tons of research, and figured an underwater camera would be best because I can take underwater pics of all my beach vacations! Plus I LOVE snorkeling and would love to archive my memories with some awesome pics (This really isn't one of

Don't judge. Trying to take a selfie while NOT falling off an SOP board into waters infested with jellyfish!!

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, which means we may receive a commission if you click a link and purchase something. As an Amazon associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Please check out my Disclosure policy here.

I finally purchased the Nikon CoolPix w300. I decided to purchase a kit from Amazon because for only $20 more I received:

* Nikon CoolPix W300 Digital Camera (Orange)

* SanDisk Ultra 32GB SD Card

* EN-EL12 Compatible Li-ion Battery\

* Focus Camera Case

* Spider Tripod & Floating Camera Strap

* Lens Pen

* USB Card Reader

This camera is easy to use, takes stunning high-resolution photos, 4k Ultra HD video, it's waterproof, freeze proof (yeah, I'll never use that!), shockproof, and dust proof. It has a bright LED light to help light up explorations in deep dark waters (just kidding - not about the light, about the fact I would never swim in water I can't see through!). 16mp photos and you can time-lapse your movies (I mean who doesn't want to see themselves in slow-mo?). It's also equipped with a GPS and compass.

What I really love about this camera, is their app; snapbridge, automatically downloads the pictures to my phone. Poof! I take a pic and it shows up on my phone. I don't need a computer or USB cable... Just a wifi connection! Win-win! Now, mind you, I haven't explored all of the functions or different settings on the camera, but that will come in time. I'm just so lucky I'm remembering to take my camera with me and to take pictures!! Also, did I mention it holds a charge for a REALLY long time!

The Royal Palm, South Beach Miami

My first vacation with my spanking new camera was a trip with the family (all 12 of us!!)

We stayed 2 nights in Fort Lauderdale, 2 nights in South Beach, Miami and took a cruise to the Bahamas. The kids on the trip consisted of 6 teenagers and 2 tweens. When they heard I had an underwater camera, holy wow... let the fun begin!! My said camera was hijacked for the day and when I finally obtained it back, I found the kids took over 180 pics. Here are some classics:

Well, I have to say, at least it kept the family happy and amused! And on the bright side, we have some very entertaining photos, memories to last a lifetime!

This is why I would recommend getting an underwater camera for your next camera purchase and for your next vacation!!

I would love to see some of your travel pics!!

I hope you have BERRY safe travels!


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