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When Your Dog Doesn't Travel... And You Do!

Updated: May 15, 2019

I love to travel. I also love my dog, Ella (More than my significant other? That's a toss-up!) The question is, what to do with said "love of my life" when I am traveling?

Queen Ella

Here's the back story: When my little Ella was just about 10 months old, we went on a trip and took her to the kennel (GASP!!) Of course, we had to walk her into her crate area, lay out her blankets and pillows, and show her her toys (yes, we were serious pain in the a** parents!). When we were about to leave, my queen baby, kept jumping on us and pleading for us not to go (yes, I make her talk). So, after many tears... mine, not hers. We left and embarked on our 5-day vacation.

Ella 3 months old!

Fast forward to the end of our vacation. We pick her up at the kennel and no lie, she cried and howled for 2 hours straight. Of course, I cried for 2 weeks... UGGG. Never again! I'm sure kenneling a dog is great for some dogs and their humans, but it's totally not for me or my little queen.

So, what to do with said dog who doesn't travel, she's seriously a freak riding in the car, let alone airplane! My significant other suggested a few sites online where people will take the dogs into their homes to watch them. At first, I was like, "WTF" I wouldn't just send my child to stay with someone I didn't know and whom I found on the internet! (or would I? ... As my children get older, this option looks better and better...)

One tip, make sure to look at the requirements these sites use to verify the 'dog nanny' as we like to call them. Some do background checks, visits, etc.

I just have to say, we found one unbelievable dog nanny, and a back-up for when nanny #1 isn't available! Now my queen, when she is away from her kingdom, can live like she does in her castle!

Here is the difference between the two:

Ella with her dog friends

Nanny #1 has four dogs and also watches other dogs, so my queen has friends that she can play with! Nanny #1 also loves my baby so much they let her sleep in bed with them Although, when we were crating our baby, this made it very difficult to put her to 'bed'. Needless to say, she now sleeps with us. I know, it was probably inevitable!

But now, I can travel knowing my queen is loved like she is at home. Of course, she needs to have human contact all day and TV time at night (any time snuggling on a lap!). She's not spoiled or anything!

Nanny #2 does not watch other dogs, but has 2 young children. She also lets my queen sleep in the bed with her kids. My baby gets personalized attention since she is already used to 5 kids in her house, and they treat her like the queen that she is. Win-win.

She's not spoiled in these pictures ... hmm.

Face timing our baby!

Now when we travel, we know our baby is well taken care of. We even face time with our Ella when we are away on a vacation!

And both nannies send pictures and videos! We're really not freaks regarding our pup! But, you know, that is what happens when you love her more than anyone in your house... well, maybe. Did I mention she NEVER talks back?

Where does your dog go when you vacation?



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