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About Me

I'm Berry! 


Also known to some as Holly, Hollyberry, Mama Bear, Mother Hen, Aunt Berry, and Grandberry (to my grand pup!) ...but really what is in a name?

A little about me, my life consists of controlled chaos, with my significant other, Phil and our blended family of 5 kids (3 are mine, 2 are his).  I run a dance studio with over 500 students per week.  I look forward to getting out of dodge as much as I can!  I love to read, coupon, cook (serious food snob here), drink alcohol, and TRAVEL!

I love new experiences, new adventures and meeting new people.  Of course I need a few Xanax and red wine to board a plane, but don't judge! When I reach my destination, I'm ready for relaxation and fun!

Travel helps me get away from reality and the chaos of everyday life, especially if it's affordable!  I hope you can join me on this adventure.  I'm excited to share with you my highlights, misadventures, greatest deals, best places to experience culinary greatness and drinks to knock your socks off, and maybe a few recipes as well!


Contact me:

Travel more and exerience the good life at an affordable price!!

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