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Where To Stay On Your Next Trip To Nassau Bahamas

Updated: May 15, 2019

When you think about visiting Nassau, the first place that pops into your mind for an overnight stay probably is Atlantis. Or maybe it's the new mega resort Baha Mar? But what if you don't want to shell out the cash required? Or fight the crowds, having to wake up at 7am just to get a beach chair. Yeah, we have all been there before.

There is nothing worse then overpaying for a vacation or being disappointed with your stay after spending your hard earned money. But what you might want to consider are the smaller resorts that may be a jewel in the rough.

On our recent trip to Nassau, Bahamas, we opted to stay at Breeze's which is one of the few all inclusive resorts on the island. I must admit, I didn't hold high expectations based on the price. Needless to say I was pleasantly surprised!!

Here is what I found when staying at Breezes


I was VERY surprised by the activities the resort offered, including water activities; sailing, SOP, paddle boats, and kayaking. The land activities included a climbing rock wall, beach volleyball, and a flying trapeze center! There is literally something for everyone, and if your the type to just lie comatose on the beach all day gazing at the sky or sea, you can do that as well!

Everywhere you turn there are games, contests, dancing and music. Being bored isn't an option here! You can play pool, ping pong, card games, and just about any game you can think of!

And the nightlife! In the main room off of the lobby, they arranged diverse shows every night, from singers and dancers, to the staff dancing with elaborate costumes and drumming. They also had a psychic one evening as well.

One of my favorites was the piano bar. Songbooks were distributed all around and even if you weren't a singer, you joined in singing. To hear the music playing, people laughing, talking and off key singing is what it's all about. The unity that this resort brings is amazing.

We also hung out at the nightclub. It was never really crowded when we were there, but let me tell you, that didn't stop me from busting it out on the dance floor!


Our accommodations were ocean front. When we first entered the room, Rose petals were strewn across the bed with towels twisted into swans. Champagne was chilling along with two glass flutes waiting for our first sip. I tell ya, after a long flight, that looked too good to be true! The decor was a charming British colonial style. The bathrooms were newly remodeled with granite and a wide shower with a quarter bench. The whole room was sparkling clean.


Hands down Breeze's stretch of sand is the best on cable beach! On our second beautiful blue sky day we decided to stroll down past Baha Mar. Their their stretch of beach was littered with lounge chairs, on a very narrow beach! When we past Melia, there were tons of enourmous limestone rocks in the sand. The erosion was terrible.

Baha Mar beach... Notice all of the umbrellas and chairs!

Breeze's beach... Lots of space!

Breezes beach was wide, with space for cabanas and lounge chairs and you did not feel like your're sunning with your neighbors. They also take great care of the beach, everyday the staff would rake off seaweed that washed ashore.

And of course the water is a stunning mix of various shades of clear blue that continue into the sky!

No filter!


The staff at the resort were outstanding! They were helpful and friendly, although most Bahamian people that I met were this way, willing to assist with information and so proud of their island. The whole vibe of the resort was upbeat, everyone including the guests were super sociable (well... not sure if it was really the guests or just us being overly friendly with strangers...LOL.)


This was another surprise for me! I have never been a fan of all inclusive foods, maybe because I am a food snob... but, I have to say the restaurants were exceptionally good. They offered fare like fish, and filet mignon, which was cooked perfectly, by the way! The restaurants offered inside and outside dining in a very intimate atmosphere. Who's kidding who, we dined almost every night with new found friends at the resort!

Being Gluten Free, the wait staff made sure my meals were cooked as specified. The buffet had GF labels so I could easily recognize the foods I was able to eat.

If your headed to Breezes sometime in the future, here are a few tips and tricks to help you experience a richer vacation.

  1. There are no glasses, water bottles, or coffee in your room. You can call the front desk and have glasses, and/or a coffee maker brought to your room (this is good to know in advance!)

  2. You NEED to rent the cabana for the day. I would recommend this! They charge $50 for the day and it includes a beach butler! Our butler "G" was awesome. He would check on the cabana every 1/2 hour and not only bring us one drink, he brought a concoction of cocktails, and I liked every one! He also brought us our lunch.

  3. Don't be afraid to take the public bus into town to the Fish Frey or Paradise Island. It costs $1.25 (you have to have exact change). By the ways, they are plush air-conditioned buses.

  4. Take advantage of the shuttle service that runs to the casino at Baha Mar. It picks up and drops off every 20 min or so.

  5. At Breezes, there are no extra hidden fees. You literally don't have to bring your wallet out unless you go off property. There are no upcharges for restaurant menu items, or drinks... Nada.

Here's hoping I gave insight to another resort in the Bahamas that is definitely worth staying. I hope you have a wonderful BERRY-licious travels!!


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