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7 Essential Items To Pack When Traveling

Updated: Oct 8, 2018

What's in your bag when you travel? Over the years, I have found there are a few items I can't leave home without. I would actually call them 'lifesavers'. For me, traveling is so much easier and more enjoyable when I bring along these 7 things. This is not a sponsored post, so the items listed below are totally my opinion. Let's dig in!

1. My Yeti

If you don't have a Yeti ($29.99), you need to go buy one NOW! If you don't want to spend the money for an actual Yeti, Walmart has the Ozark ($7) which is almost as good. We tested the two side by side, and it was pretty close, the Ice didn't evaporate into thin air within minutes after being in the hot sun like a paper cup. On a trip to Florida in June, out in the hot sun (think 90+ degrees), my ice stayed in the cup for almost 2 hours... I shit you not! This is totally a lifesaver and I never travel without it!

If a silver Yeti seems boring, they come in fun colors like pink and teal. They also come in 2 sizes, 20 oz and 30 oz I have the 20 oz, I mean, lets not be greedy people!

If you stay at an all inclusive, keep your drinks pouring in your Yeti, this is awesome on a hot day by the pool, your drink will stay ice cold for hours! Whether you are drinking soda, alcohol or even just water.

Yeti is not just for keeping your cold drinks cold, don't forget your morning coffee! It will stay warm for hours. Plus you don't have to refill those tiny paper coffee cups.

*Sigh... I love my Yeti...I think I am going to start a blog for my Yeti, it's traveled to so many places! I can call it "Yeti wonderlust".

2. Baggies

I know this is a weird item, but seriously there are so many uses for baggies. I came across baggies from Ikea...yes, you heard correctly, Ikea. They are like, the BEST. BAGGIES. EVER. They also come in really huge sizes that are awesome If you have wet bathing suits, towels, damp clothes or even shoes! (I have a tiny foot). They are super strong with a clad tight seal! I pack all of my toiletries in baggies to prevent leakage, I take extra baggies along for beach snacks and to throw my cell phone or electronics in when at the pool or beach.

3. Shampoo Bar

Freeing up space when you travel is necessary. My favorite shampoo bar is from LUSH. You can purchase them in a travel tin, and it cuts down packing space! Plus, they are great to use. My hair is always so soft and they lather up quickly. My favorite is the "Honey I Washed My Hair" scent. (The scent pairs perfectly with the body butter scrubbie bar.) Which reminds me, I'm almost out! I have to go order more...

4. Phone Charger Hack

I don't know about you, but in our household, phone charger bases are a commodity! Everyone fights to claim one. The kids go as far as putting nail polish or write with sharpie markers to claim theirs. It doesn't help. They get lost, stolen, you name it. My phone charger is plugged into a USB on my alarm clock (old school, I know!) so when I pack I am ALWAYS forgetting a base for my charger (or I can't find one!). Good News!! If your hotel room does not have a USB to plug your charger into, most TV's have USB inputs (in back of the TV). This is also a great idea for vacations on a cruise ship where outlets are sparse. Side note- you have to have the TV on in order to charge your electronic.

5. Umbrella

I always pack a small portable umbrella. More often than not, we have at least one rainy day. It's so convenient if you have your own umbrella to walk around the resort or even to go shopping, or to dinner. I've been caught many times in downpours where there was nothing to do but drink at the bar... hmmmm, is that so bad?

6. Lanyard

If you are like me, I am always loosing my room key. That little flimsy piece of plastic gets caught in every nook and cranny of my purse, beach bag and even pockets or it gets lost under various things on the dresser. I always take a lanyard with a plastic pouch along with me. It keeps room keys and towel cards dry and easily accessible in a big bag!!

7. Medical Kit

If you are anything like me, I like to be prepared for the worst! Everywhere I travel I make sure to include my travel medical kit so that if any type of emergency (or even heartburn) happens, I am ready. There is nothing worse than finding out your missing a medication only to spend double if not triple the cost in another country or resort, plus the time it takes to locate it! Check out what I include in my travel medical kit here: Essential Travel Medical Kit

I would love to here what your essential packing tips include! Here's hoping you have BERRY safe travels!



Travel more and exerience the good life at an affordable price!!

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