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Snagging My Southwest Companion Pass

Updated: Oct 12, 2018

So, I'm totally obsessed with Southwest Airlines! My goal is to grab their companion pass for myself! Here are a few tips and tricks to rack up your points quickly!

Southwest's companion pass, never heard of it?


Currently, I am on a mission to grab one for myself. Long story short, you need to rack up 110,000 points to get your companion pass. This allows one person to fly FREE for the year you receive it and the WHOLE NEXT year... score! I'm dreaming of white sandy beaches, cool clear water, and warm breezy winds (insert sigh).

Back to reality, I'm at 75,000 points and counting! (*update: July 2018 I received my companion pass!!)

So, how do we get the points to snag this awesome golden ticket?

* Open a Southwest Credit Card by Chase

When you open a credit card, after spending $2,000, you will receive 50,000 points...ok, almost half way there! If you open a business credit card, after spending $3,000, you will receive 60,000 points. BOOM, there is your pass. If you want to open a Southwest Chase Credit Card click here for more information.

* Flying Southwest

When you fly Southwest, You earn 6 points per $1 on getaway now fares, 10 points per $1 on anytime fares and 12 points per $1 on business fares. Oh, and just an FYI, you only get the points on YOUR ticket. The 6 of us traveled and I had to get a rapid reward number for all the kids in order to get the points, even though I PAID for all the tickets....hmmmm. (yes, I will be transferring those points to my account very soon!)

* Booking Hotels Through Southwest and/or Rocketmiles

By booking hotels through the Southwest site or Rocketmiles, you earn bonus Reward points. I travel for business a few times a year, and just racked up 15,000 points by utilizing these sites.

* Rapid Reward Shopping

Add the RR shopping button to your web browser and when you shop online, participating sites will pop up and you can activate the button to receive double or even 5x the points! Unfortunately, these points don't count towards the companion pass, but racking up points for free travel is a plus plus!

* Switch Energy Providers

SW partnered with NRG and Everything Energy. When you switch providers, you can snag up to 12,000 points!

* Survey sites

You can earn points through sites like e-rewards, e-miles and rewards for opinions. To date, I've scored 2,000 points through e-rewards, and it doesn't take that long to take a few surveys.

Just a reminder, once you hit your 110,000 points and score your companion pass, you can now use the points for YOUR airline ticket. All you have to do is pay the taxes and fee's. Can everyone say "2 free tickets?". I'm literally hunting down friends to vacation with me so that I can use my companion pass and points... lol. We can't have that go to waste!

Good luck hitting your points and enjoying your Berry FREE travels!

Did you score a companion pass?



Travel more and exerience the good life at an affordable price!!

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