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Travel Resources

Travel Resources

Thanks for signing into our Travel Resouces Page!  I listed below some of my favorite places to look for a vacation getaway.  Hopefully, we can help you find your next berrylicious vacation!


Ultimate Packing Checklist

Accommodations, Flights, Food, Things to do 

Expedia.  Need I say more?  I have booked on this site and found great deals that include flights and hotel accommodations.  What I love about Expedia is that you can not only book flights and hotels but also cars, things to do, cruises and vacation rentals.  Plus you accumulate Expedia reward points that can be used for future purchases!

Groupon is great for finding deeply discounted hotel stays, restaurants and things to do!  One word of advice, always check out a hotel rating on places like Tripadvisor, before you book your stay.  I have come across some 'dive' hotels on this site (also some 4-5 star hotels as well!)

Living Social is just like Groupon.  You have to make sure you are actually getting a deal.  I have purchased many awesome deals with these sites.  Plus if you are looking to get points on your Southwest card, Living social gives you 2x the points per dollar when you purchase things through the Southwest shopping browser (check it out here)

One of my favorite things about Skyscanner is that if you type in "Everywhere" it will show you flights to anywhere and what is the cheapest flight!!  It's even great for when you are bored and you just want to see "How much it would cost to go to the Maldives"... LOL.  I'm just saying, not like I ever did that before (cough cough)

Berry's Holiday contains affiliate links throughout the site. If you choose to purchase items from these links, we receive a small commission.

Travelzoo is by far one of my FAVORITE sites!  I have booked vacations to The Caymen Islands (4 night, 5 days for $499 including flights!), Cancun, Florida and the Bahamas!  One thing you have to watch is if flights are included, that it's a reputable flight and the times and layovers are reasonable.  Some travel sites include rando airlines and layovers into the next day.  That's not a deal!!  I've also purchased hotel stays, restaurant vouchers and things to do at a steal!

Travel more and exerience the good life at an affordable price!!

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