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Weekend Guide To South Beach Miami

Updated: Jul 26, 2020

AHHHH.... Miami, I get excited just thinking about this diverse, bizarre and never boring destination! South Beach is a vacation spot that MUST be experienced in your lifetime. There is something for everyone; Epic nightlife, world-class cuisine, breathtaking water activities, swanky shops, unbelievable gorgeous beaches and of course, a tranquil transparent ocean! Listed below is my weekend guide to South Beach Miami..

I LOVE going to SoBe for a quick weekend getaway. I'm going to take you through a few of my favorite things to see and do when in South Beach!! So, cue the Latin music, grab your bikini's, and meet me in Miami! (just ask Alexa to play Pitbull for some mood music!)

This was taken from my hotel room

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1- Where to Stay

There are so many resorts and hotels to choose from when visiting South Beach. You can find anything within your price range! My favorite is The Royal Palm located on 15th and Collins Ave. A year ago, they renovated their pool and outside bar, and the atmosphere is very chill. You can choose standard rooms, or we stayed in a 2-bedroom suit, which consisted of 2 king rooms, each with their own bathroom, and a HUGE living area with wrap around windows for a 180 degree view! In the picture below, our building is the skinny one with circular windows. One floor of the circular window was the whole front of the living room!

View from our hotel room

The best place to stay is mid-beach, where you are close to everything within walking distance. If you want to see lots of action head south (the prices are a bit higher), if you want some peace and quiet head north. Click here to check out more of The Royal Palm.

2- Things to do

There are so many things to do in South Beach Miami. This exciting destination will keep you coming back for more. listed below are a few of my favorites!

1. Ocean activities! - Need I say more! There are sooo many great things to do on the ocean; Take a boat tour and cruise around millionaire row, rent jet skis, paddle board or take a romantic sunset cruise. Don't forget to check your local discount sites like Living Social, Groupon, Expedia or Travelzoo to find the best discounts. We rented paddle boards for $10 a person! You can also just bob around in the warm water soaking up the sun (my personal favorite!)

2. Shop - The best place to shop is Lincoln Ave. You will find a wide variety of stores to fit everyone's taste. Don't forget to stop at the gift shops that are ALL over the place to get your shot glass that says, "I'm In Miami Bitch" (yes, I have one).

3. Rent bikes - I personally do not ride bikes, that is a disaster waiting to happen! My one-time riding on a trail, I ended up with chaffed thighs, a sore butt, a chunk taken out of my shin from the peddle and soreness the next day. But apparently lots of people like to bike! You can rent bikes and travel the path along the coast, or you can be daring and venture off into the streets. (I'll Uber, thanks!)

4. Vizcaya Museum & Gardens - It's about a 20 min Uber ride from South Beach, but worth the visit. Perched on the Biscayne Bay on the south side of Miami, this ornate mansion and European-style gardens once belonged to James Deering back in the early nineteen hundred. The estate is located on 50 acres. The Garden and mansion captures European extravagance in America. The villa contains more than 34 rooms filled with antiques along with statues and fountains in the garden. There is a barge, carved out of limestone in the bay waters adjacent to the mansion.

5. People Watch - You cannot go to Miami Beach and NOT people watch, like I said at the beginning of this post, Miami is a diverse, bizarre and never boring place! You will find all sorts of people wondering around, dressed in all sorts of attire! Not only can you people watch, you can car watch as well. There are all sorts of classic to sports cars that cruise down Ocean Ave at all times of the day and evening.

6. The Clevelender - Located in central Miami Beach, this place is not only a hotel but a bustle of entertainment, with live music, dancing and debauchery....just kidding, I'm not into that (right!). Dancing girls in skimpy attire flanked the entrance and a DJ spinning tunes for everyone to dance to, transpired inside. Drinks were flowing around the light up bar reminiscent of Miami Vice. The best thing about this venue? It didn't cost an arm and leg and half of my monthly salary for drinks!

In this picture, you can clearly see how much fun we were

3. EAT

Miami is a host for epicurious adventures! You will be encompassed by all sorts of ethnic foods; Cuban, Mexican, Italian, Seafood (ok, not ethnic, but you get the gist!). Here are a few of my favorites (and I mean, just a few):

1. Tequila Chicas - We loved this place for breakfast! They had the BEST breakfast burritos with a side of tater tots (who doesn't love tater tots?). The price was right too! Oh, I love breakfast...just saying!

2. A Fish Called Avalon - A romantic restaurant with ocean breezes and live music right on Ocean Ave is a must! The food is upscale and specializes in unique seafood dishes and drinks. The wait staff are amazing, warm and welcoming. You cannot miss a trip to Miami without stopping here for the perfect dinner!

3. Espanola Way - Even if you don't dine at any of the restaurants on Espanola Way, this is a place you must see. At dusk, the strung lights criss cossing the street, light up the quaint restaurants. You will find authentic Italian (Oh Mexico) as well as Cuban cuisine (Havana 1957). One time we witnessed a trained money perched on someones shoulder doing tricks... Yeah, I'm positive I didn't have too much to drink that night!

On a side note, you can't leave South Beach without ordering one of these puppies! Yes, the cost is a little steep and it does contain lots of calories and sugar, but... "We're in Miami Bitch!" (and you have to say that when you drink it!)

So leave a comment and let me know how you vacation in South Beach!

Hope you have Berry safe travels!


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