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Essential Travel First Aid Kit on a Budget

Updated: May 3, 2018

There is no need to break the bank on a first aid kit for all of your travel needs! Make sure to pack one up today and on your next trip out of town, 'don't leave home without it'!

I'm going to start by saying it took me a few years until I finally decided to carry a first aid bag with me on vacations. I was tired of forgetting items (which resulted in spending MORE money on vacation!), searching through countless bags and being frazzled when I needed something as simple as Ibuprofen. Can we say, ready to strangle the closest person available (yes, it was usually my significant other)!

For years I've used this small bag which is available at most drug stores (I scored mine for FREE when buying the designated band-aid/neosporin combo). It measures roughly 8x6 inches and is very flexible for overfilling! Inside you will find 3 small mesh pockets and 1 large zip mesh pocket that fit TONS of things.

I like this one because I won't mix it up with my makeup bags...oh, wait...I'm really talking about my significant other, who won't get it mixed up. I just yell 'it's in the first aid kit'.... no mix up what-so-ever. It's actually a relationship're welcome!

If you want to go fancy, you can also use a cosmetic case with plastic divider. I'm actually going to be trying this pack on my next travels. There is so much extra room for the plastic pill case and lots of other necessities!

The plastic container did NOT come with the bag, you can find similar ones at many craft or hardware stores. I found this one at the dollar store! Did you hear that? I paid $1. That means my first aid kit cost me $1 (free bag + dollar store container = SCORE!)

What to pack

Feel free to fill your pack with whatever you like (please think first aid....chocolates are NOT first aid!... Just saying). Listed below is what I have packed (and we are talking pack mule packed) in mine.

* Band-aids, Neosporin, anti-itch cream - This is a must, they fit perfectly in the 3 side mesh

pockets of the bag. Also include those blister band aids, they can be a life saver!

* Nasal Spray - The small bottle fits in the large zip mesh pocket.

* Bonine or Dramamine - This is a must! Throwing up sucks.

* Decongestant

* Antihistamine

* Ibuprofen / Acetaminophen

* Antacid / Acid reducer / Stomach Medicine

* Vitamin C

* Immodium - Poops also suck, or should I say stink! (bad joke)

* Thermometer

* Baby Aspirin

* Inhalers (if needed)

* Sleep aid - Or in my pack, a mini lavender essential oil roll on, which is also good for bug


* Nail File - Hey, a broken nail is a medical emergency!

* Hot Patches - For muscle pain, when you don't have a heating pad accessible.

A quick note: I found a ton of generic medicines and brand name medicines at the dollar store for just a $1!

You can also add any personal medications or vitamins to your first aid kit. The goal is to have everything on hand in one place, like your own personal traveling medicine cabinet!

I hope you won't need most of these items on your next vacation, but it's good to be prepared in case you do. This pack is small enough to throw in your carry on or your purse (yes, my purse is usually large). Just be sure to check expiration dates in between travel times. Nothing would be worse then having expired meds when you need them the most!

I hope you find this helpful and that you have Berry safe travels!!

What's in your bag?


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