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SOS - Flight drinks

Updated: May 31, 2018

Isn't this kit the cutest thing ever? Everyone needs to have one of these when traveling. Makes me feel like an aero-mixologist at 30k feet!

I currently got back from Orlando from a Disney vacation... yes, I said it, DISNEY! The one place I despise.

It's madness, it's a cult, it's where grown men and women wear matching shirts and mouse ears, it's where you believe in magic and princesses, oh wait...

I love princesses, especially the mermaid one! Ok, NOT the point.

Anyway, the big 'D' vacation is where you need a vacation from your actual vacation because you spend 18 hours sweating at a park running from ride to ride (and I don't even RIDE!). Then you get your 'fast pass', so now you only have to stand in line 30 minutes instead of 90 minutes, but who's counting... it's magical (insert sarcasm!)

Yes, I have teenage kids and they LOVE the Magic Kingdom (oh, and I made the mistake of calling it Walt Disney World, because when I went to Disney MANY years ago as a child...there was only one park...hmmmm, yeah, they laughed at me!). Being the awesome mom I am (yeah, right) I did what any mom with awesomeness would do. I bought matching shirts, bags, ears, water bottles, even earrings...did I say everything matched? They hated me, but hey we were going to Disney (payback is a bitch!). Anyway, this post is not about the 'D' world (but I do have to post some pics, insert evil laugh!)

This is about an awesome little kit that I received at Christmas from my oldest daughter, a carry-on travel cocktail kit! Hello, miss 'everything is right in the world'!

Ummm... Is it weird that every present my kids buy me have to do with alcohol? SCORE! JK... maybe not.

Back to this kit that I couldn't wait to use! I mean, flying to the capital of the mouse cult is enough to need to mix up a few drinks en'flight.

“There are 4 kits to choose from: Moscow Mule, Champangne, Bourbon Bears or Bloody Mary.”

The kit I have is the Moscow Mule. It comes in the cutest rose gold tin (who doesn't love rose gold? or tins?). Included is a fabric coaster (fancy!), mixing spoon, jigger and a small bottle of ginger soda. Enough to make 2 moscow mules (those 2 would be for me, I'm not sharing!) I have been waiting months to use this!!

Please ignore the weirdo next to me!

So, I board the plane, practically bouncing in my seat ready to place my order with visions of me being the ultimate mile-high mixologist! Everyone looking at me with envy, sipping on their boring sodas.

So back to MY reality (it always comes crashing down somehow). We take off, and the pilot comes on and says that he asked the flight attendents to remain seated because there will be a lot of turbulence until we fly over North Carolina. Normally, my reaction is "WHAT, TURBULENCE! WE ARE GOING TO DIE!" But, this day, my reaction is "WHAT, NO DRINKS! I'M GOING TO DIE!" My, how priorities change.

I look repeatedly at the app of the little plane flying across the map, waiting for us to pass North Carolina. Finally! We are there, beaches!

Only to hear the pilot come on the speaker to once again say, "I'm sorry, we still will be going through turbulence, so I asked the flight attendants to remain seated until we land, there will be no drink service."



NOOOOOO.... All of my dreams have been crushed, my rainbows have been exchanged for big fat raindrops, my unicorns have been killed with dull knives. Ok, so I went a little too far. You get the point, I was pisssed.

Now I have to wait to use my special kit, but I will post my results when I actually use it in flight.

In the meantime, this little kit is reusable, yes, that's right, reusable!! You can refill the bottle with ANY mixer to make your favorite cocktail 30k miles high!

Leave a comment below to share your mile-high mixologist stories!



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